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Your Donation Can Save Lives

United to Giving Haitians a Better Life

Help us transform lives in Haiti! Urban Care of Haiti, Inc. in Gretna, Louisiana is in search for compassionate individuals who are willing to dedicate their time, money, and effort in providing social services for the Haitian community.

What We Do

A nonprofit organization, Urban Care of Haiti, Inc. aims to help the less fortunate residents in Haiti through various social programs. We have projects designed to improve Haiti’s water supply as well as their health care and education system.

To succeed in this endeavor, our organization seeks donors and volunteers who would gladly work with us through every project.

Send Us Your Donations

You can send your donations online by simply clicking the button below. We accept any amount you are willing to share. Every penny we receive shall be used solely to improve our projects.

Become a Volunteer

Urban Care of Haiti, Inc. is also open for volunteers. Just give us a call or send an email today for more details on how you can help. We look forward to hearing from you!

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